Safety & Security

The issue of safety at schools throughout the nation is a major concern. Shawnee Heights School District has implemented several actions to address the issue of safety at all of our schools. The district will continue to implement measures which we believe will assist in this effort. We work cooperatively with the Shawnee County Sheriffs Department to plan methods to address the safety of our students, staff and property. The support and cooperation of the community is appreciated.

District-Wide Blue Code Drills

Each of the six schools in the district has a Crisis Procedure Manual that deals with various possible crises. Parents are welcome to view the manual at any of the school offices if they would like.

Our hope is that we will never have to use the manual, but in the event we would, the administration feels it would be important to conduct certain drills each year in our schools. The “Blue Code” deals with a potentially dangerous situation and, per the manual, all students and staff lock themselves in their classrooms until further instructions. Administration determined it would be important to have district-wide “Blue Code” drills. These drills will be held twice each year. You may want to visit with your children about these drills in advance.