2020-2021 Back-to-School Plan

UPDATE: Beginning Monday, January 4, 2021, our district will be in Scenario 2 - Hyrbrid Learning (PreK-12). 

The Hybrid Learning scenario will continue through the month of January. The Board will evaluate our Hybrid Learning Scenario at the January 19, 2021 meeting to see how we can continue in February.

 As the Shawnee Heights USD 450 Schools moves through the journey of recovering from COVID-19 crisis response and returning to a more normal state of operation, we are committed to:

  • Providing quality continuous learning opportunities for students during this period of uncertainty. This includes excellence in academic, social-emotional support, and student nutrition.

  • Safety and well-being of all district employees and students.

This plan aims to safeguard students, staff, and the community from the threat posed by COVID-19 by:

  • Preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the community and on school campuses.

  • Participating and contributing actively as a partner with all state, county, and local educational and public health partners.

  • Minimizing the impact of disruptions to the delivery of instructional and related services.

  • Communicating regularly with all stakeholders on issues that could impact individual school or overall district operations.

Our work will continue to be guided by the district’s mission to provide a quality education that ensures academic achievement for all students and develops caring, productive, and responsible citizens. This will be achieved through:

  • Diverse academic opportunities

  • Staff committed to continuous improvement

  • Students, family and community involvement

  • Safe Schools



Does my student have to wear a mask?
Students will be asked to wear a mask unless they have medical documentation that excuses them from this guideline. 

How long will we be in Scenario 2-Hybrid Learning?
Scenario 2-Hybrid learning is the model in which USD 450 will be starting the 2020-2021 school year. This could change throughout the year depending on county and state guidelines.


Can I choose to do online schooling through USD 450?
Families have the choice to enroll their student and select USD 450’s remote learning model. Please fill out our Remote/Hybrid Selection form by August 2nd so that we can properly plan for the number of students in each scenario.

When does the Parent PowerSchool Portal open so that I can view my student’s schedules and teachers?
After enrollment information has been loaded into our systems and we are able to assess how many students will be in our Hybrid learning model and our Remote learning model, schedules, and teachers will be assigned. We will announce when the Parent PowerSchool Portal opens so that these schedules and teachers can be viewed.

How do I pay school fees?
School fees will be assessed and statements will be sent out in September. Fees can be paid via the fee statement or by using our online RevTrak Payment Portal.

Are there any adjustments to school supply lists for remote learners?
Adjusted school supply lists will be updated on our school websites. You can find this list, enrollment forms, and additional details on our district’s website Enrollment page. 


Will my student have recess?
Recess will be made available to all of our students while learning in the building. Schedules will be created for each class to have recess separate from other classes. Playgrounds will be separated into areas to spread students out while playing. Upon returning from recess students will wash their hands.

How will the bell schedules and passing periods work (hallway exposure)?
During our Scenario 2 – Hybrid Learning model travel within the buildings will be reduced to essential tasks. Schedules will be created for class movement so as not to be in the hallways at the same time. We are encouraging social distancing between students with floor markers and creating traffic patterns for each building based on floor plans.

How will classes be cleaned?
Each classroom will be stocked with paper towels, hand sanitizer, spray bottle disinfectant, and disinfectant wipes. Frequently touched surfaces will be wiped down multiple times throughout the day. During Scenario 2 – Hybrid Learning model, Wednesdays will be reserved to deep clean the buildings between the two groups of in-person instruction. See a detailed description of our Cleaning Protocols on page 10 of our Back-To-School plan.

Will they eat lunch in the cafeteria 6-feet apart?
Social distancing requirements will be met during breakfast/lunch times. Students will be spaced out in alternative settings and meal times will be adjusted if needed to reduce the number of students in the cafeteria.

How do you monitor hand sanitizer recalls?
Our staff monitors the FDA list of recalled products and ensures that products that are on this recall list have not been purchased and are not purchased. They also verify that we have no hand sanitizer in stock that is labeled with Methanol or Ethanol. Our products use ethyl alcohol an approved safe to use product.  


If our student(s) need to quarantine how will they still get instruction? 
If a student needs to quarantine while in Scenario 1 – On-Site Learning or Scenario 2- Hybrid Learning the student/families will work with their teacher to access the content that they will miss.

How will the district assess the need to quarantine a building or classroom?
We are working closely with the Shawnee County Health Department to determine the extent of which we need to quarantine on a case-by-case basis. See our COVID-19 Exposure Guidelines for more details. 


What does Hybrid Learning mean?
During Scenario 2- Hybrid Learning students will be divided into 2 groups to follow social distancing guidelines. Group 1 will attend in-person Monday and Tuesday with Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday being remote days. Group 2 will attend in-person Thursday and Friday with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday being remote days. See more details about our Hybrid Learning Model at: Hybrid_Learning_Description

What does Remote Learning look like?
Remote Learning is a Scenario that we have prepared for as a district and it is also a choice that families have to opt into. Each day, students will participate in a video conference call with a teacher. SeeSaw will be used for grades Pre-k through 5th grade and Canvas will be used for grades 6th-12th grade. These tools will be key communication platforms for students to access homework and turn in assignments. See more details about our Remote Learning Model at: https://www.usd450.net/files/District/Remote_Learning_Description.pdf

 If I choose remote learning will my student have to do remote learning all year?
If you choose remote learning to begin the 2020-2021 school year, we are asking that you try and commit your student for an entire semester. You can re-evaluate and change to the district/building Scenario the following semester.

How will my student log their at-home school hours?
Students/guardians will fill out a daily log to record learning activities throughout their day. The activities should be related to the topics being taught and not all activities require screen time. The log will be submitted weekly. Learning activities should equal at least 6.5 hours a day or 32.5 hours a week.

Are students expected to be "logged in" for 6.5 hours each school day?
The actual screen time will be 2-3.5 hours depending on the age of the student, with a balance of the 6.5 hours being other learning activities such as writing, independent reading, recess, lunch, PE, music, projects, etc.

Where can I find a tutorial on Canvas?
Canvas is a key communication tool between teacher and student and will be used by 6th-12th grade students to access homework and turn in assignments. Information and guides can be found on our website at: https://www.usd450.net/parents-students/canvas

If my child has an IEP will they still receive Special Education Services?
The IEP team will develop appropriate accommodations, modifications, and services for all three scenarios based on individual needs and parent input.


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